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Naggo Morris - False Rasta

Black Redemption

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Wicked piece of roots from back in 1982, reworked! -

Naggo Morris' seminal 'False Rasta' lyric, originally released on Spring Hill Records in the early 80's get's revisited in steppers style and fashion with Ras Kush on the buttons and Russ D on the desk with some wicked dub cuts to follow the vocals.

Flip it for Lucan-I's vocal delivery with 'One Universal Love'... the  message is clear!

Great 10" revival, a heavy rotation for all soundsystem massive.

Produced by Ras Kush.
Mixed and engineered by Russ Disciples at Backyard Studio.

Naggo Morris - False Rasta

Russ Disciples - Some Of Them Dub

Lucan-I - One Universal Love

Russ Disciples - One Love Dub