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Naka Naka - Mundo Harsh

Black Opal

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Opal Tapes vinyl only offshoot releases an arresting six-tracker from Naka Naka -

Shrouded in reverb and grit, the artist has taken a conventional Techno format and created something more enigmatic than your standard DJ Tool.

Abstract textures drone in and out of view as the regimented kicks and hats propel the tracks forward. Naka Naka has created an uneasy atmosphere teeming with menace, teasing the listener with the prospect of what lurks within, this is particularly apparent on “Sec2”, “Dioges” and “Vibrocalyx”.

Standout track “Dardos” sounds like Levon Vincent in mourning, as muted brass heaves alongside restrained percussion.

This EP is perfect for the DJ looking to inject some analogue flavour or brooding tension into their sets.

>>Housed in beautiful screen printed card wrap-around with insert housed in PVC outer sleeve with download code<<

1.dardos 09:52
2.dioges 04:03
3.def def 07:39
4.jAaz 05:26
5.sec2 06:18
6.vibrocalyx 06:40

Side A Clip 1

Side A Clip 2

Side B Clip 1

Side B Clip 2