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Namahage - WakuWaku Doom

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Dj Scotch Egg rolls two fogged out dub mammoths out in slow motion thunderstorm style, under his mysterious Namahage alias, for Disrupt's Zonedog imprint -

Both sides are so, so good. Really captivating stuff.
The A side 'WakuWaku Doom' sounds, to us, at a guess, like a hazy memory of his recent time spent in Uganda at the NyegeNyege studio - perhaps there is even some chopped & screwed studio material in here, who knows - or maybe we got this completely wrong, and it's nothing to do with this venture... Either way, that is secondary info - what we should really talk about here, is the way these tracks feel, to us.

Fizzing out of the distance like some kind of Flame 1 / Bug x Burial production, but then hitting a kind of Mark Pritchard 'Elephant Dub' type of w-e-i-g-h-t, the first cut here is a proper ultra-charge drone stepper that sounds fresh and unique, partly due to it's ultra widescreen ambience, and partly due to bringing in sound sources from various corners - timestretched vocals, percussion and a kind of middle east / north african flavour of instrumentation find their way into this dub cyclone, like some kind of slow motion thunderstorm that rips apart the ground below it and creates a kind of temporary mid-air collage of the world in it's vicinity.
We hope that makes sense, upon reading. Either way, this one really has that 'feeling' of an end of world scenario (in a kind of beautiful, poetic way), like a camera obscura flash of the world before it's gone, in sound.

That first cut should already validate the paper-price of this record (yeah, I know, vinyl ain't getting cheaper... We're sorry, but we're doing our best here) - but there is also a lusher-than-lush B side to this record, like the perfect 'calm after the storm'.
Phased out pads and washes of white noise drift across weightless scenes with blue notes buried below the gushes of frequency and sound - drifting between nice, upful moods to a more pensive tremor of bass frequency and dizzy drone immersion.
The perfect pairing, if you ask us.

Each track comes in at just under 7mins each, so you know that the wax will sound ultra dynamic and nice too.

Really, really good stuff - proper solid soundsystem trippers that sound extra great on wax.

Comes in hand-stamped (glow in the dark ink!) sleeve, and this is a strictly vinyl release, no digital.

WakuWaku Doom