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Naphtali - Black Prince

Black Legacy

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Full-of-vibes Keety Roots production alongside Naphtali, UK soundsystem style -

If, like us, you are suckers for that 80s/90/s/early00's keyboard sound, in the vein of the Yamaha DX7, and you love the sound of those Aba Shanti I and Keety Roots productions in that style, and perhaps even had the joy of hearing these sounds getting the overdrive treatment on a set of 18" scoops and with all the pre-amps running red hot, somewhere in a hall full of positive, heavyweight vibrations - then you will understand the feeling these tracks can give - pure upliftment.

Naphtali heads up the disc, with a message of Rastafari love and black power, leading the way for the flip the disc, the dub version.
Black Legacy boss Keety Roots works his style with understated yet ever-present pressure of that bassline and the snare pushing through splashy spring reverbs, and running past digital echos on synth chops and melody.

ruff n tuff.

Naphtali - Black Prince

Prince Of Dub