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The debut album, the defining piece by New York-based lyricist 'Nas' - recorded around 1992-93, released in 1994 with reasonable success, sales-wise, all whilst gaining huge, ever-increasing response from critics and fans... So big, that it continued to shift units throughout the 90's, upgrading it's initial 'Gold' award to 'Platinum' in the early 2000's.... And, thankfully, still getting re-pressed today.

20 years on, this can still be seen as one of the most crucial pieces of East Coast Hip Hop.
Lyrically, it's a spell-binding, super-smart delivery and sharpness that counts Nas as one of the most respected Rappers in History.
Of course a Hip Hop Album couldn't excel in lyricism alone, the instrumentals cement this LP as a true masterpiece - from DJ Premier, to Pete Rock and Q-Tip, the production on 'Illmatic' remains faultless, summing up the hardcore rhythms of New York whilst incorporating the Black-American heritage of Jazz, Funk & Soul music that is ever so important to the birth of underground Hip Hop.

For any self-respecting Hip Hop fan, this is crucial... But no matter what style you prefer, this Album can be appreciated on many levels.


Served in picture sleeve, with printed inner sleeve containing photos, credits and shout-outs.

1."The Genesis"
2."N.Y. State of Mind"
3."Life's a Bitch" (featuring AZ)
4."The World Is Yours"
6."Memory Lane (Sittin' in da Park)"
7."One Love"
8."One Time 4 Your Mind"
10."It Ain't Hard to Tell"

N.Y. State of Mind / Life's a Bitch

The World Is Yours / Halftime

Memory Lane (Sittin' in da Park) / One Love

One Time 4 Your Mind / Represent / It Ain't Hard to Tell