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Natalia Martinez Ordonez (NMO) - Where To Now? 12"


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Conceptual techno excursions from Natalia Martinez Ordonez on the excellent "Where To Now?" label.

Conceptualised dance music is normally relegated to the art gallery or the most avant-garde of nightclubs but here NMO has managed to get the best of both worlds high and low to create something that is both head-scratching and limb-shaking.

Playing with the idea of dynamics and subtle shifts in timing the Berlin Duo are questioning our notions of the need for a strict and rigid BPM in modern dance music, as the scant components of a kick drum, snare and sine bleep overlap and clatter constantly generating new rhythms and polyrhythms throughout the entirety of the piece.

Originally commissioned for an hour long performance at the CO2 festival in Beirut this piece has been condensed into a half hour of mind-bending power.

This record is perfect for home listening and philosophical thought about the nature of music and what it can be but it is just as well suited on the dancefloor for the adventurous DJ looking to bemuse some ravers.

The cloudy grey matter on the excellent screenprinted sleeve design is also worth the price of admission.

60-90bpm - Clips

100bpm - 150bpm Clips