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Nebulo - Akzidens

Stomoxine Records

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From tape, to tape -

We were very positively surprised when we were made aware of this unique cassette project by Nebulo, to be released via the Stomoxine imprint.

The concept that drives the compositions of this tape, is the sole condition that each of the sounds was to be harvested from cassette -
From the metallic, african-sounding drum hits, through to the warped horns and dashes of white noise... It's all sampled from tape, and re-instigated for this cassette, titled 'Akzidens'.

We love the concept, and equally we love the outcome.

From the Juju-flavoured 'Tame' to the de-tuned 'Canon' and the heavy-footed 'Cru' - through to the intoxicated 'Rush' and the, pitch-shifting chops of 'Dynasty Beef' - it's a brilliant course through the feral sonics that the cassette can evidently produce... 'Akzidens' lays down a path of thoroughly enjoyable, highly engaging and original music from Nebulo, to the C44 format.

And if that wasn't enticing enough, the cassette comes in a lovely, limited edition screen printed cover, and printed cassettes.

Do yourself a favour....

Limited to 100.
Includes DL code.
Screenprinted by Mehdi Beneitez.
Design by Thomas Pujols & Nicolas Godin.
Dubbed to TDK hi-bias Tape.

1: Fake Cadillac
2: Gove Me Live
3: Tame
4: Canon
5: Cru
6. St. Fernand
8.Bluff Mirage
9.Dynasty Beef
10. La Mort Du Puzzle
11. Crame Creme Chrome
12. Desire
13. Bleuettomane




Dynasty Beef