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>> 2023 Re-run << 

The one-and-only Neek on the 1s & 2s for the 4th tape in our RWDFWDMIX series!

It's a pleasure to present you with this C90 tape, featuring two badass mixes from everyone's favourite: DJ NEEK!

To top it off, this one comes styled in brand new fashion - Studio Tape-Echo at the design controls.

Some fools have been seen referring to Neek as things like 'Kahn's mate' online... Yes it is true that they are longtime friends and sparring partners (going back way before the Bandulu days now, to the seminal Sureskank dances that Neek founded, and where he first linked up with Young Echo family Kahn, El Kid, Zhou (aka Jabu & Ishan Sound) etc etc) but do not forget that Neek is a righteous head, from top to toe -
Neek was one of the earliest protagonists in Bristol & Brighton's grime & dubstep scenes, he can not just kill soundboys as Kahn & Neek or Gorgon Sound, but he can also kill them softly as one half of O$VMV$M (it's an anagram made up of $am & Amo$ (jabu) and in cool combination with Ishan Sound (for all those keeping watch on the unreleased dubplate fire of recent years).
To top it off, he is also a painter and collage artist (we've sold some of his solo work here, and you've probably received one or two of the Young Echo Sound posters in your mailer if you're a regular.... They're all collages that Neek makes with Amos.
Oh and he's also had a hand in designing FuckPunk001 and FuckPunk004.
And yes, Neek has done Fabric mixes, played all over the world, done-this-done-that - but despite this, there is zero ego with this lad, and we respect him all the more for it.
A true don!

Now onto these mixes he made for us:
Side A is a weirdo dancehall mix that moves effortlessly between 80s styles, right up to the 00's and beyond. Strictly oddball bangers played in fluid style and fashion. We won't say any more. Turn up the volume and let it bubble!

B Side, Neek draws from his infamous hardcore & jungle collection - if you've been to Young Echo nights you may have seen him draw for these selections alongside Ossia - a combo we like to call 'Keen & Oa$is'.
This side bumps & grind at a wicked & wild pace from start to finish, and we find re-rubs of classic basslines and hard-to-find bargain bin gems, all cherry picked and mixed in perfect style by DJ Neek.
Both sides are a strictly vinyl-affair too. No lightweight ting.

Anything else to say? ...Probably, but you get the idea!

Big up all the listeners, big up all the supporters!

Limited edition. Strictly on cassette, enjoy.
C90 tape, 45mins each side.
Designed by Studio Tape-Echo.
Served with printed inlay.
Green shells.