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Live recording of Nerve 'one fateful night in London'.

This 50minute continuous-play live tape from ACS affiliate 'Nerve' (last seen on that 'Touched By The Hand Of God' tape) is direct import biz from the A Colourful Storm HQ in Australia, and we're glad to have our hands on these now, finally!

The package (also including those GNOD & Felix K tapes) spent the last couple months in mid-air, but it's all here for our consumption, and the hi fi is smiling at us with an evil way right now, whilst Nerve's paranoid drum & bass technique puts our over-used sub, and the tweeters to work. Junglists and DnB heads will find hints of their loved framework here, with hacked up breakbeats working around trembling lows and gut-wrenching kick drums, not a million miles of the worlds that the likes of Pessimist, Clarity, Felix K, Mark, CDB, etc create with their takes on darkside DnB & spacious bassweight exercise.

Although there is a definite underlying (fast) pace that drives this forward at all times, slower feeling, acidic dubwise halftime steppers can also be found in this Nerve excursion recorded at MOT UNIT 18 in LDN some months ago. Triple speed percussion rattles down the grid, making headway, whilst the rest of the rhythm plays catch up, and the room stays filled with that dark, almost tangible mist of dread frequency.

Played from start to finish, this cassette should rattle yer bones in just the right way to be honest - enter the darkside, seek our your inner demons, and invite them for a drink and a dance.

Edition of 40 - we have a handful.
Served with printed inlay, with additional printed insert.

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