• new.com - Cloud Atlas ft. Jabeen // Bakongo Remix
  • new.com - Cloud Atlas ft. Jabeen // Bakongo Remix
  • new.com - Cloud Atlas ft. Jabeen // Bakongo Remix

new.com - Cloud Atlas ft. Jabeen // Bakongo Remix


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Brand new, and good for you, here comes the 4th disc on the label from the Comfortnoise label operated by Marius Neukom aka new.com, following up that swift remix tape, released just recently (still a few copies in stock here by the way!) - 

This one summons up vocal energy from Jabeen, adding to the steppin' depths of the first cut 'Yoona 939', which comes in like a fader-sliding cut up of an RSD track, with detuned square waves chopping in over a rolling rhythm and tumbling drum roll, which falls off into the reverberant depths along with the bass & drums as the track pushes on. This one, much like previous comfortnoise discs, is tuned for sub pressure and ready to be ramped up real nice on the volume, exposing all that analogue glow.

Next up, Wing 027 and Somni 451 continue on the pulse of the opening track, letting overdriven hand drums and drum machine claps saturate through a web of hi hats & percussion. A steady focus and a tough low end keep these flowing like water down a mountain. Sonmi might be our favourite cut here, letting distant vocals (Jabeen?) guide us into cavernous depths, accentuated by tape-echos and a warped & twisted string melody reverberating right into the swiss alps (the radius of the comfortnoise studio), carried as vibration, by the wind from a south asian region, perhaps.

Capping off this four track drum charge, we have a remix from Uk Funky legend Roska, who has been making strong reductionist hard drum style moves as Bakongo in recent years - this one lets the rhythm roll in a more pacey way and twists Jabeen's vocal into a chopped rhythm to guide us through tablas and booming bass forward momentum - heads down, knees up type dancefloor business -

Edition of 150, served up in triple hand-numbered edition, with inlay & sticker sheet and DL Code.


Yoona~939 feat. Jabeen



Yoona~939 feat. Jabeen (Bakongo rmx)