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Marius Neukom back on the buttons for round three in the Comfortnoise series - ltd edition 12" pressure for all soundsystem heads and bassbin addicts out there

Following up the collaborative Comfortnoise Ploy, and the previous new.com 12" - don't go following any hyperlinks, its just a play on the artists surname - the label now come forward with - in our opinion - the most refined and deadly plate in this quality series to date -

Across six tracks (counting in at around 12ish mins per side - so the full sound dynamic and vinyl pressure is maintained) Neukom takes cues from the percussive, bass-centric sound of early Tempa, early Livity Sound and other grime & dubstep mutations from Bristol & beyond, and feeds the rhythm sensibilities through his own dubwise lens - smothered in tape-delays, spring reverb and bursting with analogue warmth - 'make the bass sound round' as certain engineers in Jamaica would say.

From the infectious - we dare you not to move! - percussive shuffle of 'Milan', it's clear that we're in for the good stuff here. Start with a bang, as they say.

Luckily the pressure does not drop. The 2nd cut, which presents bass shudders and kick drum stutters that tumble their way through congas and phased out claps, sits in perfectly loose syncopation with those percolating hi-hats - there's a definite step to these first two tracks, but it's a constantly rolling, nonstop moving affair - we're very much into that.

Saying that - dynamics are important, and too much of the same can water down a consecution - Neukom knows this, so we are given the Dubclusion as the final cut on the A side. The dubbiest one of them all perhaps, revolving around a filtered skank and stepping drums.

Flip the disc, and the energy levels are brought right back up again -
This time with a steppin UK techno swagger that lets booming subs lay the rhythmic bed for acidic filter zaps and polyrhythmic percs - this one is a roller too, and it's sure to make you sweat, if you act accordingly and move to it.

Finishing up the journey, we got Brainbridge and Cessation - two interstellar dub journeys through the vaporous remains of the atmosphere which the record laid the foundations for with it's previous cuts.

Wicked stuff, we've been rinsing our copy here at the HQ - it's a joy to listen to.

Edition of 150, high quality wax, with pantone print sleeve, printed inlay and sticker.

1. Milan
2. Olamina
3. Dubclusion
4. Decoy
5. Brainbridge
6. Cessation