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new.com - The Unity Is Submarine


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Another 12" drop of soundsystem pressure via the Comfortnoise imprint, channeling the ghosts of reggae, dub, dubstep and echo chamber sonics -

Sent to us in a big box from the Comfortnoise imprint, along with the 01 relase by side project 'Comfortnoise Ploy', this solo offering from Marius Neukom in deep bass research mode, comes pressed up on an edition of 150 discs, cut loud & clear for maximum effect, and is ready to give your hifi or soundsystem a proper workout.
Bringing back a (much-missed) dedication to the purest of basslines, reminiscent of early RSD, Headhunter (or H.E.N.C.H. around 2008, before they went a bit too tear-out), Pinch and the more meditative sides of Skull Disco, new.com has pressed up four very-heavy tunes here - showcasing a more upfront dancefloor depth charge approach, but still sharing a similar meditative style with the Comfortnoise Ploy productions which he shares with Rjega (we have that 12" in stock here too by the way... Check it out if you dig this one!).

Hard to pick a favourite, but we'd probably have to give an extra shout to the grimey stepper 'Green Plunder'!

This one's for everyone who misses those dark & dingy subloaded sessions at the Black Swan, or the early DMZ raves at Mass...
And everyone who wants to feel the bass, not just hear it.

Edition of 150, served in pantone printed kraft sleeve - we got the last lot here!
Comes with sticker.

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