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Newham Generals - War Wid


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Big, big bangerz from the golden era of london grime!

Real good to see these on wax again after all these years... And they still sound at once 'of a time' and timeless. Proper raw, proper big tunes.

Remastered and served up via Butterz for the 2020 gang >>

"To celebrate 10 years of Butterz we begin with celebrating two of our favourite MCs, and long term collaborators Newham Generals, Footsie & D Double E.

We have unearthed two unreleased dubs the infamous 'Frontline' and a lesser known banger 'Humpty Dumpty'. War Wid and Prangman are two early Grime classics that have been out of press for at least 15 years.

They've all been remastered by Joker so are sounding better than ever. It's a crazy year, but all we are going to is bring things back to basics and release 12" after 12" until we can rave safely again.

There are bonus tracks included which serve as a complimentary piece to this record you will enjoy too!"

Uahhhhh, uahhhhhhh.


War Wid


Humpty Dumpty