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Niagara - Apologia LP


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We got the last handful of copies of this weird & wonderful long player from the Niagara trio, on Lisbon's  Principe - 9 cuts of curious loops, melodies anddubwise experiments for the ambient crew, all served in a beautiful hand painted sleeve, each one unique
"Apologia" is the first full-length by the trio of Alberto, António and Sara, expanding their organic machine music into hazy, fresh territories. Most tracks in here are concise, around the 3-minute mark, and they appear to us as openings to a fertile underground stream, ever moving. We are shown glimpses of some other world that simultaneously looks ancient and a patchwork of today's moods of exotica. Throw in some sparse synth work reminiscent of Blade Runner 's skyline and you can hardly tell if this sounds like the future or some distant past.

Longer tracks "6:30" and "Siena" help you settle along this pan-tastic journey, acting as centerpieces to the album. "Siena" displays the loveliest flute vibes and gentle synthetic stabs adding to the groove. Fourth World PLUS.

Limited Edition in hand-painted sleeve.
Written and Produced by Niagara.
Mastered by Tó Pinheiro Da Silva.
Artwork by Márcio Matos. 

1.França 03:55
2. 6:30 07:08
3. Momento Braga 04:43
4. 40 03:26
5. Senhora Do Cabo 03:47
6. 2042 02:21
7. Damasco 04:58
8. Siena 07:12
9. Graffiti 01:46





Momento Braga

Momento Braga


Senhora Do Cabo