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Niagara - Mustor/Falcao


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Lisbon based trio Niagara unleash hypnotic-psyche-house on Charles Drakeford's From The Depths label.

Since their release on Principe back in 2013, Niagara have continued to keep dancefloors moving and heads whirring with their curious concoctions. Taking influence and direction from styles as disparate as Dub-Shoegaze-House and Prog-Rock this record offers something refreshingly unique, whilst keeping things nice and danceable.

A-side "Mustor" is a kaleidoscopic dub trip, sounding like an Animal Collective track stripped of the vocals and given to Ricardo Villalobos to inject some funk. B-side "Falcao" ratchets up the tension as an electric bass provides the stability for the guitarist to get their "Hendrix" as spicy guitar licks reel into the spectrum.

Good-lookin' sleeve too!