• Niama Makalou: Et African Soul Band / Daphni Edit

Niama Makalou: Et African Soul Band / Daphni Edit


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Sofrito unearth this high quality piece of Malian Disco, by Niama Makalou.

Loose rhythm and reverbed claps step to the beat in true disco fashion but this one is filled with malian musicality.
Descended from a family of griots (traditional Malian praise singers), Niama Makalou moved to France in the mid- 70s where she cut this, her one and only vinyl release. At the time Paris (like much of the rest of the world) was swept up in disco fever, so along with a group of Malian musicians the date was set to cut a piece of disco - griot style. The resulting mixture of off- kilter handclaps, raw string arrangements, Balafon flourishes and Bambara vocals combine with a heavy disco groove to produce a one-off piece of cross-cultural dancefloor mayhem.

On the flipside Daphni a.k.a. Caribou loads up the mixing desk for his incredible part 2 edit. At first seemingly similar to the original, the subtle changes and reworks gradually take direction and you find yourself immersed in a groove with that touch more space to move, snippets of melody and rhythm swirling in and out of time… 

Kognokoura (Original 12" Version)

Kognokoura (Daphni Part 2 Edit)