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Nick Klein - No Shortage of Rope


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Ruffneck sonics from Nick Klein, given vinyl-life on LP now via ALTER -

We'll be adding our own words here asap, but in the meantime, check the lyrics below and let the clips do the damage... Might already be enough to convince you that this one is a good'un?!

"What happens when you arrive to a party and everyone is leaving as you are walking in? If a bass drum booms in the woods but no one is around to hear it, does it even boom at all? Can you build a mansion with playing cards?

Nick Klein returns to ALTER with the cryptically biographical ‘No Shortage of Rope’, his third release for the label and significantly, potentially his first full length album. Consisting of 7 tracks, ‘No Shortage of Rope’ is a consolidated collection of recordings Klein made after leaving his long-term base of NYC to become a full-time resident of Den Haag, Netherlands. Using some newfound free time post-move, Klein wanted to approach his working process in the studio a little differently to create something long form, something that felt more like an album as opposed to being built with the club music paradigm as a given. Describing his time in the studio, Klein says it was “the most hermetic studio endeavour I have ever undertaken”. It certainly seems that Klein harnessed this period of productivity to make the most of what his music could offer as ‘No Shortage of Rope’ is the man in his most pointedly pure form."

1. Sitting In Glass 03:33
2. A Bundle And Some Speakers 07:15
3. Time Changes The Garden 04:41
4. Over Before You Noticed 05:22
5. Bed Sore Acid 03:32
6. Gotta Serve Somebody 05:02
7. French-Property.com 05:38


Time Changes The Garden

Gotta Serve Somebody

Sitting In Glass

Bed Sore Acid