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Nídia - Não Fales Nela Que A Mentes


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Absolutely wicked wildstyle from Nídia, on Principe --

This one's mad, full of cool rhythm, deft use of frequency and sound twisting melody vs bass, in RnB meets Tarraxo (&muchmore!) style, dancing around itself and throwing new shapes. From the pan pipe subwoofer war cry of 'Popo' - the 2nd track in - through to the oddly ecstatic midi dance of 'Nik Com', through to the lean & mean melancholy of 'Raps' which gives us big RnB vibes, but with more of a percussive spin - this is all wicked stuff.
There's even a bit of a tinge of acid on Tarraxo do Guetto ft Gamboa, and a tinge of high-on-serotonin hardcore versioning piano on Capacidades, although we quickly move into a rude kind of grimey afro-house twistup on that one, and this absolute piece of fire is probably one of the best tracks of the LP...
Although it is hard to choose.

This record is full of understated bangers & cherries, and it comes peppered with a refreshingly inventive and fluid approach to arrangement and song structure - which makes it a really good listen on the home stereo... We've had it on repeat here today, and we're certainly not complaining!

Absolutely killer stuff, as always from the Principe crew ---

Ltd edition of 500.
Served in individually hand-painted sleeve, designed by Márcio Matos.

1. Intro 02:29
2. Popo 03:37
3. RAP Complet 02:18
4. Nik Com 02:24
5. Raps 03:31
6. Tarraxo do Guetto ft Gamboa 03:05
7. Rap Tentativa 03:24
8. Capacidades 02:27
9. Royal 01:46
10. Emotions 03:26



Tarraxo do Guetto ft Gamboa

Nik Com