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Nina Harker -

Le Syndicat De Scorpions

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Très excellent, and nearly-gone-already Nina Harker LP -

Co-released by a trio of fine French labels (un menage a trois?); Animal Biscuit, La République des Granges, Le Syndicat des Scorpions.

Info very thin on the ground on this one; supposedly a duo from Nantes however the liner notes credit a handful of guests on “Indian flute, gong, Italian poetry, Japanese composition” and the such... And that’s about all we know. Colour us completely beguiled!

Following on from their now-unobtainable 7” and tape released back in 2016/17, their LP is one of the most startling debuts of the year. A dizzying mix of pitch-screwed Chanson, rural synth-punk and dreary bedsit folk.

‘Füsse’ immediately brought me back to watching ‘Les Croisieres Dolori’ in a basement last year; literal tap-dancing atop sheet-metal vs. dual Casio wigout. ‘La cheminée’ would fit right in amongst ORA’s agricultural ambient classic ‘Time Out Of Mind’, whilst ‘Muto’ and το ‘κορίτσι γαβγίζει’ recall Bamya’s warped take on Greek rebetika. Throughout I’m catching a Areski-Fontaine whiff, which peaks around ‘Gardot’. There’s something truly intangible in it’s duality, sounding equally indebted to the past yet possessing a sound that could only possibly be made now.

Absolutely essential if you caught onto other Franco/Kraut visionaries such as Rien Virgule, France Sauvage, Heimat, The Dreams or even Brannten Schnüre.

Ltd. to 300,
served in die cut sleeve
w/ insert.

1 Kanál 3:06
2 Füsse 2:37
3 ∠# 0:38
4 L'affreuse 4:59
5 Vino Negro 1:57
6 το κορίτσι γαβγίζει 4:49
7 Gardo 2:21
8 Müssen Wir Noch Aufblühen ⁇ 3:24
9 La Cheminée 5:59
10 Muto 3:26
11 Du Schaffst Es Nicht 4:24


το κορίτσι γαβγίζει