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Niney The Observer - Quiet / Dub Plate Mix


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Tough dub from Niney and The Observers.

Originally out in 1974, Niney (The name was earned after he lost one of his fingers whilst working in the factory) strikes once again... Orchestrating rough and tough dubwise, growling bassline and tape-saturated feedback and spring reverbs shattering their way across the drum track... Niney's 'Quiet - Quiet - Quiet' and 'Ska-Ska-Ska' calling for the skank, this is old time business and it will continue to stand the test of time, no doubt.

Two dub cuts on this reissue disc -
'Quiet' followed by the Dub Plate Mix... Both wicked.

Also worth noting, is the slider action on the last part of the tune, with the bassline chopped in and out on the mixing board, coming with a bit of a vintage pre-dancehall bogle right there!

Niney - Quiet

The Observers - Dub Plate Mix