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"A new series exploring the hidden phantasmagorical properties of rhythm…

A secret drum language only understood by the initiated”.

New power 12” from Congolese-Belgian producer, her first since ‘08 after a couple of LPs for UIQ and Climate of Fear.

Even if you’ve only heard just one of her kicks, you know the deal; harder than nacre-nails tekno, though bristling with new energy & ideas.

A-side is 11-minutes of hot-white noise bouncing from wall-to-wall, recalling a more straight-up approach to Nic Endo’s late 90s output. The beat marches on with grizzled determination. A subtle drone lingers above as things get increasingly frantic. About 7 mins in, the storm pauses. Howling wind circles and a monomaniacal KICK returns with a fkn menace. Cop this for that eyes-in-the-back-of-yr-head, fists clenched, teeth-grit feeling you ain’t had all year.

B1 couldn’t be more to the point; 190BPM skippin’ dreadbeat, DOOMCORE Y’KNOW THE SCORE. As hi-hats and claps are distorted to the point of cartoon-ish barbarity, an ominous drone sucks your remaining will to live.

B-side concludes in a distinctly more busted & broken fashion, coming through like a jittery dial-up modem ran thru a Metal Zone. A+ sidesteppin’ printer jam-jam. 48% through its workload, an ethereal smog smothers the hardware. Fatal system error, BitCrush overload, pull the plug. Untethered, the track gallops the home-straight for a double-time finale.

Beautiful black metal style sleeve with original artwork by Oraculo.

Vinyl edition of 300,
Mastered and cut by Beau Thomas at TenEightSeven.

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