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No Cold Callers - Hotline Cassette, zine & 001-017 DL


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Warehouse find - The VERY LAST few copies of this one from a couple years ago!

....Here it is!!!

'No Cold Callers' -
The long-awaited follow up to that first Hotline Zine & Tape 'Off The Hook' is now here.

In this nifty package here, you will find:

- 40 page Hotline zine, with new & archival Hotline artwork, designed by Studio Tape-Echo.

- HOTLINE MIX cassette by Anina. Our favourite DJ & close friend Anina was tasked with this mix filled with pure Hotline material - features lost classics from the catalogue & a few sneaky previews of forthcoming gear on the label. Extra lazer FX by Ossia.

- AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD OF THE CATALOGUE FROM HOTLINE001, THROUGH TO HOTLINE017. - Please check your email receipt for DL link.



HOTLINE001 - Kahn & Neek - Backchat
HOTLINE002 - Lurka - Full Clip / BR Greaze
HOTLINE003 - Rachael
HOTLINE004 - Commodo - F_ck Mountain / Good Grief
HOTLINE005 - Hodge - Mind Games / Flashback
HOTLINE007 - Batu - Numen / Cazz
HOTLINE008 - Ishan Sound vs Rider Shafique
HOTLINE009 - Borai - Anybody From London
HOTLINE010 - Lurka - Ritual Dingers / Choke
HOTLINE011 - Ishan Sound & Miss Red & Rider Shafique / Kahn Remix
HOTLINE012 - Gantz - Tut-Tut Sitation / Love Acid
HOTLINE013 - Beneath - Seeus / Ovaride
HOTLINE014 - Hi5Ghost vs Peder Mannerfelt
HOTLINE015 - Lurka - Stush / Wrapped Up
HOTLINE016 - Sam Binga & Marcus Visionary - Doubles
HOTLINE017 - G36 - No Escape / Black Mass

... A nice way to round up the last few years of Hotline Recordings business in way that wraps up the equally important sonics and the visual presentation of this label and the people who've presented their music through it.
From Bristolian walls riddled with physical hotline promotion, through to neon-lit shop signage and DIY computer graphics, the zine wraps up the Hotline vibe real nice and makes us feel kinda proud. Big up Studio Tape-Echo & all those who inspired with music along the way.

Edition of 100 - Zine, Tape + DL.
Hotline Mix by DJ Anina. (DL code for this included in cassette)

Gantz - Tut Tut Situation

Lurka - BR Greaze

Beneath - Seeus