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**1982 synth-heavy no wave ‘straight outta Kiel / Hamburg’**

Dark Entries followers know the score - the standards are dangerously high as the label unearth another crucial transmission from relative Discogs obscurity.

Over 50 minutes there’s a hell of a lot going on here amongst the demented squelches and endlessly inventive synth workouts. Check the shifting dynamic pulses of ‘In The White Room’, the loose Can-like tribal flourishes of ‘Quiet Days in My Hometown’, the James Chance sax squalls on ‘Ice Cold Waves’ and ‘Maybe Some Day’ or the camp jazz-noir of ‘It Feels like 1925’.

We first caught onto No More via the 2015 Mannequin Records repress of the band’s defining moment (the Optimo-certified ‘Suicide Commando’). Those tracks turn up here alongside an 8 track mini-LP, 3 demos and a bonus 7” of their debut ‘Too Late’ EP, making this more than just another entry in the recent stream of lavish lo-fi retrospectives,

This is one of the most inventive documents of the synthwave sound you can own and a comprehensive document of No More’s early years.

Coldest of synthwave TIPs

1. "Drums Of Algir" (3:47)
2. "Caged Heat" (3:10)
3. "Something Grows Up" (3:07)
4. "Hypnotized" (1:30)
5. "Dim The Lights" (3:03)
6. "Quiet Days In My Hometown" (3:00)
7. "Dark Side Of The Town" (1:49)
Side 2
1. "Suicide Commando" (3:19)
2. "In A White Room" (3:28)
3. "A Rose Is A Rose" (2:34)
4. "So Unreal" (2:35)
5. "Ice Cold Waves" (2:54)
6. "It Feels Like 1925" (3:28)

1. "Maybe Some Day" (1:43)
2. "Ain't Got A Clue" (4:02)
1. "What?" (2:25)
2. "Too Late" (1:35)

Drums Of Algir

Suicide Commando

In A White Room

Maybe Some Day