• Noclu / Nazca - Ruff Times / Zwischen Blättern

Noclu / Nazca - Ruff Times / Zwischen Blättern

Empty Head Rich Heart

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Brand new first release on the 'Empty Head Rich Heart' Label from Germany.

Deeply involving sonics by Noclu and Nazca respectively on side 1 and 2 of this 7"...

Fluid vocal samples swerve alongside nocturnal soundscapes and solumn rhodes on 'Ruff Times' intro, only to be shaken up by a rugged, detuned synthline and jagged beats that guide the track confidently throughout, pausing only for seconds of air, holding the listener's attention throughout.

No drum beat, yet filled with rhythm and momentum, Side 2 sees 'Nazca' pull the strings of what sounds like a double bass along with distant pads that loom over the celestial arpeggios like dark clouds over the clearing.
Organic productions seem to be the binding factor of these two tracks, both refreshingly effortless and intricate in detail.

Lovely package, great music.

Served in a screen printed sleeve, each one containing an individually type-written insert.
Limited to 100 copies.
Hand-numbered and vinyl-only.

Noclu - Ruff Times

Nazca - Zwischen Blättern