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Nocturnal Emissions - Accumulator + CDR


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Seriously underrated, landmark UK Techno from experimental art outfit 'Nocturnal Emissions'.

Originally recorded in the very early 80s 'Accumulator 1 & 2' are high speed, bare bones drum machine workouts, offering a glimpse into bleak Thatcherite Britain. It is fitting then, that the gold pantone printed sleeve also contains a live recording on CD of the group from 1983. May 9th, election night to be precise, Maggie was being re-elected whilst the group gave this performance which mixed live TV broadcasting of the election with footage form one of their own films.

During this era the group performed at the ICA and Tate Britain, alongside Zoviet France and SPK, this release on We Can Elude Control offers a multi faceted look at this often overlooked group.

 Fans of Regis and the Downwards camp, take note.

Ships with free CDR featuring a crowd recording of Nocturnal Emissions live at the Brixton Ritzy on June 9th 1983. Recorded on Election Night, as Margaret Thatcher was catastrophically re-elected to power, the performance mixed live TV broadcasting of the election results with excerpts from the groups 16mm film The Foetal Grave of Progress. The recording takes place a stones throw from Atlantic Road, the site 2 years previously where the group performed in a railway arch during the height of the 1981 Brixton Riots.

Ships with black CDR.
Gold printed sleeve.

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