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Nocturnal Emissions - Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss


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Celebrating 40 years of the West Country industrial legends, Mannequin Records keep up the good fight by reissuing the ‘83 plate on vinyl for the first time.

Nigel Ayers (alongside brother Daniel and the sorely missed Caroline K.) founded Nocturnal Emissions around ‘80, hot on the heels of contemporaries Throbbing Gristle, Bourbonese Qualk, SPK and the ilk.

This was their fifth full-length and has all the hallmarks of the era; Burroughsian cut-ups, condenser-mic-in-an-avalanche recordings, metallic skrape & squall, crappy (wicked) drum machines plus a surprising level of rhythmic complexity.

The hilarious/ridiculously titled ‘Herpes Virus Total State’ is practically motorik, though in a jarring way that recalls Muslimgauze or Suicide. ‘Demon Circuits Bloodbath’ is a prime noise-wave dancefloor heater, Bad Tracking fans gotta bump this rn. ‘Mechanical Induction’ even hints at a slinky synth-wave jam, though shrouded in cloak of lo-fi distortion, of course. ‘Education for Consumption’ finishes the album off in an appropriately grvm, Castlevania-style dirge.

1. Norepinephrine - How Groovy You Were - Hardcore 06:02
2. Gloppetta - Tongues Speak - Want to Die - Smoking Rat Machine - Wrongly Wired 08:46
3. Violence is Love - Shan't Do That 07:52
4. Herpes Virus Total State 03:24
5. Demon Circuits Bloodbath 03:21
6. Peace Through Strenght 03:15
7. Mechanical Induction 03:51
8. Home Video Warhead 01:26
9. Education For Consumption 03:39

Demon Circuits Bloodbath

Violence Is Love - Shan't Do That

Mechanical Induction

Education For Consumption