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Nocturnal Emissions - Spiritflesh

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Very good news. This sheer stunner of an LP - 'Spiritflesh' - by Nocturnal Emissions has seen a reissue! Shouts to Mannequin Records.

We're very happy to be able to offer this one out, and also rather cheerful about the fact that we can now hold a copy of our own too (the youtube rip has been rinsed, but it never really felt like the completely adequate way of consuming this special thing).

Originally self released in 1988, Spiritflesh’ is a masterpiece and a major reference for the early drone/dark ambient minds.
This LP from the sonically and visually shapeshifting Nocturnal Emissions project (Nigel Ayers and Caroline K) effortlessly crosses from their previous tape-cutting, avant-garde, synth pop, noise and video art forays into this delicate, yet unmistakeably 'present' post industrial, dark ambient 'scape. An album that masterfully glides from sphere to sphere, often carrying themes from one song to the next, resulting in a wholly absorbing 40mins of faraway drift.
This one is medicinal, trust us.

Aptly titled Spiritflesh (yes, this title (and Godflesh of course) may have somewhat inspired the name of the recent NoCorner signing) this record is made up of manipulated recordings that capture sounds from the Great British countryside, Church harmonium, mechanical frequencies as well as the captured 'exoticism' of sounds from London Zoo... A concoction that provides food for thought already, and which is propelled much further into the depths of perception, away from the possibility of intellectualisation.

Spiritflesh presents a sound world that feels earthly & mysterious, mechanical yet human.
Whilst dressed in a veneer of darkness, it really does move with a kind of sombre beauty - and it's this curious, alluring mysticism that carries this record through, so captivatingly, from the start to the very end... We can't recommend it enough.

Edition of 500, served on grey vinyl and in printed sleeve.

1 - T' Cow's Yed
2 - Acres of Gold
3 - Thor's Cave
4 - Cloud Can
5 - Boneshaker
6 - Ch'i Sea
7 - Raindance
8 - Ape chime
9 - The well is deep
10 - Peter's Stone

T' Cow's Yed

Acres Of Gold

Cloud Can

Ape Chime