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Noods Radio - NCM001: Hypha


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Yessssssss, our dear friends at Bristol's #1 independent radio station Noods Radio have put together this fine compilation cassette, featuring a whole heap of (excellent) residents from the station, all part of the extended family in this world wide sonic web that this music community manages to spin.

This comp, entitled 'Hypha', kicks off with a real stunner from Young Echo's Sunun -
4DEM combines plucked strings, vocal interjections and tripped out dubwise technique into something that feels very wordly, very intriguing. You kinda know the comp is going to be good already from this point in. Then we got Tokyo's rising star Mars89 at the controls with a piece of signature dancehall brukkage, a lineage that gets ripped to shreds even further with B. Rupp's killer 'homecoming dub'... Listen to those f*cked drums and synth squeals that sound like they were recorded in a bathtub.
Noods then dive us into DIY synth pop / dream pop territories with the Carla Dal Forno-esque 'surround' by 'glas gesture', and deeper into the madness with Nosebag.... A brooding drum track vocal strut that leads perfectly into Kinlaw & Franco Franco's whirlwind terror of feedback guitar signals (or is it?) and helium lyrics for high-minded freaks, by the don of all freaks Franco Franco.
Are we really going to give you a step by step walkthrough? Ah ok, fuck it, why not.
Let's continue:
Next up we got deepest of minimalist dub depths from Narro Farley - delicious amounts of space and a real organic thud of a kick that we can't get enough of actually. Give us a moment while we reload this one...

Ok, let's keep moving with elephant_jams - this one gives us strong CHI Factory vibes, and that can only be a great thing.
Lovely stuff, but don't get too comfortable, because HARRGA aka the combined talents of Miguel Prado and Dali De Saint Paul, team up alongside the 1&only Moor Mother str8 outta Philly, and are clearly here to send a chill down your spine and make you feel each bone connect.
This one is fkn mean, even if FOQL might disagree with that sentiment and counteract with this dangerously future-proof tribal drum song, leaving only one last track to finish this wild ride:
Who could do it better than Tara Clarkin Trio? Nothing beats the real-life 'I'm Alive' feeling of drum skin being hit, keys being tapped, echo chambers being sung into... This one is beautiful, and it might pad the bruising from some of the more hard-hitting predecessors in this comp, and instead you'll leave the listening zone feeling like you should probably walk more sexily, and move slower so you can really take in all the sensations.

....Go on then Noods family!

Buy this, and support a whole network of great people doing great things.

comes with DL & sticker sheet.
C52 tape, printed onbody.
Printed inlay.

1. Sunun - 4DEM 04:02
2. Mars89 - Heretical Riddims 04:01
3. B.Rupp - homecoming dub 03:14
4. glas gesture - surround 03:42
5. Nosebag - Drunken Lung 03:58
6. Kinlaw & Franco Franco - Militante Del Niente 04:52
7. Narro Farley - Untitled (Love Story) 06:00
8. elephant_jams - revitalise 07:15
9. Harrga - Á Vif (ft. Moor Mother) 04:40
10. FOQL - No Need To Be Mean 05:53
11. Tara Clerkin Trio - Hellenica 06:08

Sunun - 4DEM

Kinlaw & Franco Franco - Militante Del Niente

Narro Farley - Untitled (Love Story)

Tara Clerkin Trio - Hellenica