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not399093 & Kinked - OHNE (Riforma Cassette)


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FRESH ENTRY From the Turin/Rome based label Riforma

The split-album opens with three tracks (plus one featuring both the authors) by the artist NOT399093 (No-Fi Militia), signals of that kind of "empty space" created by the parallel work of destruction and topological construction on which operate metalized sub-
frequencies, working tools for the construction of an hyper-futuristic dancefloor where the absence of the dancing being gives space to desperate ones, weird subjects of the next post-capitalist communities. The cassette unrolls in reverse, reproducing the mixtape by Kinked (Lapo Sorride, Dori Sorride, Naropa Raudive). 15 minutes of "excavations", twists at different intensities, where the suspension acts as a load-bearing wall to the electric sound body of the composition.

Music by NOT399093 and Kinked
Master by Giancarlo Brambilla
Artworks from OHNE graphics by NOT399093 and Lapo Sorride

NOT399093 - Vuoto

Kinked - Ohne

NOT399093 - Blind Bright Codex Building

NOT399093 - Soap Idiot Riddims