• Nothus - Angulo Angusto

Nothus - Angulo Angusto


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Future-facing, hard knox junglist rhythmix and soundsystem obliterators from Nothus on his XCPT imprint - 200 copies on wax, in screenprinted sleeve.

This is a bit of what's needed, we'd say. Shake off them cobwebs and rattle some ribs!

Properly satisfying sound twistups and smart bass implosions on this one - there's some rotterdam terror in there, some valve soundsystem maybe, some Dj Scud & Scorn type menace, but ultimately it's a unique flurry of rhythmic sound. It's definitely made for dancing and headbanging, but it's hard to pin down to anything in particular really... And that's part of the magic. 


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