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Nozinja / Tessela - Wa Chacha


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Vibrant reworkings of traditional South African folk musics from two very different producers, brought together by the powerhouse that is Bleep records.

Nozinja, the main man behind the Shangaan Electro project brings his own saturated and fast paced take on the traditional Wa Chacha track, with Nkata Mawewe's stunning vocals worked in-between double time drum machine samples and keyboard melodies, killer stuff - wether you were a fan of the album on Honest Jons and are hungry for more, or a newbie looking for a way in, this is perfect.

Tessela is tasked with a reworking of the original for the flip side, an odd pairing you might think, given his preference for post-hardcore amen fuelled bangers, but fear not - The resulting version treads a careful path between the jovial sound of the original and the tempered steel breakbeats of the UK underground - this one is deadly.

Sleeve design by Give Up Art and Shaun Bloodworth.

Wa Chacha - Nozinja version

Wa Chacha - Tessela version