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NPLGNN - Forever Till No More (Forever Now Cassette)

Forever Now

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NPLGNN back on the buttons with this excellent depth charge chop & screw piece for 'Forever Till No More', on Forever Now >>

The 4th release on NPLGNN & Dave Saved's 'Forever Now' imprint comes in the shape of this chopped & screwed piece from Napoli via Barcelona boss NPLGNN, who rescues this deep drifter out of the vaults of his archive.
Forever Till No More stretches out across 11minutes of deep feedback tunnels and warbled melodics, across a slowly drifting, time-stretched, obscured, yet omnipresent song that oscillates somewhere in the distance, at half-speed:
the 'infamous Naples progressive rock era record' Milano Calibro, by Osanna'.

Limited edition tape, comes with DL code.

Music recorded by Giovanni Napolano between May and June 2017

Artwork by Davide Salvati
Photos by Stephane Charpentier

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Excerpt 2