• NRSB 11 - Commodified
  • NRSB 11 - Commodified

NRSB 11 - Commodified


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A dystopian masterpiece from a real all-star crew, unearthed and re-issued by our pals at Disciples - Certainly one of those records where words don't really do it justice but, given the themes explored on here - it seemed appropriate to feed some information on the release into A.I. and let it generate a review (in a 'persuasive' tone no less) which you'll find below.

So, before we all get wiped out by our intel overlords - do yourself a favour and get this on your reassuringly un-intelligent turntable...

"NRSB-11's "Commodified," released in 2013 on WéMè Records, captivated listeners with its exploration of economic, capitalistic, and consumer-oriented themes through digitized voices, electro-discharges, and mechanical rhythms. Artistically crafted by Dataphysix, DJ Stingray 313, Penelope Martin, and Lana Jastrevski, the album is a trance-inducing masterpiece.

"Commodified" is a vibrant journey in electro and techno experimentalism, featuring cinematic melodies and harmonic progressions. The album introduces us to its world with a mix of telephone operators, news anchors, and interviewees, edited against ominous drones. The atmosphere intensifies as the information overload transforms into the sharp, sparking stabs of 'Consumer Programming,' portraying the hypermodern age in a robotic monotone. The album's barcode artwork, a symbol of resistance to commercial conformity, echoes this simplicity.

The subsequent tracks showcase expansive sound design, from the slow, nodding shimmers of 'Bioethics' mapping organic processes to the slinking gait and dizzying scintillations of 'Dead Civilization.' 'Living Wage' pulsates with retro synth pulses and sociopolitical lyrics, while 'Market Forces' ventures into electronica, tearing itself apart before recombining for a metallic, dystopian effect."




Consumer Programming


Living Wage


Market Forces

Offshore Banking

Dead Civilization


Industrial Espionage


Shadow Corp