• Nuel - Trance Mutation

Nuel - Trance Mutation

Further Records

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Originally released in Nov 2011, this disc is something we just had to add to our imported Further Records box from the US.

And after months of dealing with the bureaucratic customs hurdles whilst waiting in eager anticipation for the box to finally arrive, we now finally have our hands on this beautiful piece of music and it's finely presented sleeve.

Manuel Fogliata is a producer from Italy who has become known for his techno and  label collaborations with Donato Dozzy and their Aquaplano Label.

For this special project, an entire week was put aside, with one day devoted to recording each track.
Overdubbing a series of solo-performances, focused fully on creating this palette-cleansing acoustic work, one can hear the concentration and mental dedication that must have gone into this.
Using acoustic instrumentation along with subtle, precise application of hardware effects, a truly entrancing, utterly soothing album is the outcome.
With the subtle repetition and restraint of techno still present, these 45mins of the 'Trance Mutation' LP encompass a hypnotic soundscape that reaches much further afield - you can almost feel the 45C heat vibrating in the air and streams of lava passing by the waterfalls...an intoxicating equilibrium.
Like a journey into musical memory, a thrilling piece of music that reaches deep into the history of ancient rhythm.

We're in love with this LP.
We also have to add that the record sleeve looks and feels absolutely stunning in real form.

Silk Screened edition of 1000.
Mastered at by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

6.Cause and Effect