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Numa Crew - Dub Searcher / Everytime / Red

Moonshine Recordings

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Numa Crew make a dub landing on Moonshine -

Decidedly dubwise, Numa Crew deliver three dubsteppers loaded with heavy currents of sub, big slabs of reverb, astral dub sirens, pushed on by chunky kicks and snares.

Familiar roots & reggae snippets fling off from outta the dub chamber, mystic melodica, Skateland dancehall excerpts and fuzzy jones vocal snippets burst into the mix, all anchored by low-end that is sure to give the soundsystem a good bit of work when played in the dance.

Three tracks on this 12" - Dub Searcher, Everytime and Red.

Cut on a nice heavy disc, matching the weight of the tunes.

Crank up the volume!

Dub Searcher