• Nuthead - Terrorists / Version

Nuthead - Terrorists / Version

Park Heights

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Big digital dancehall vibes from around '87, with Nuthead delivering a big vocal over a Delroy Francis production from J.A., but with strong links to Brooklyn's dancehall scene, centered around the Park Heights store in NYC -

This is one of those ones that was hard to find for a long time, sitting in a pot with similarly near-anthem, yet still obscure 80s dancehall tunes that swerve between the big instrumental dancehall sound of the early to mid 80's, but still include digital elements in the mix for extra splash. Big version on this one too! This disc is well worth the buck for that already.

This one got reissued now including another big Nuthead tune 'Tenement Yard' - check that one too if you like the sound of this sizzzzler

Nuthead - Terrorists