The Death Of Rave

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The Death Of Rave return with another utterly crucial unearthing of underground sounds from the early days of rave, before it......

Ramp up the volume a little, roll one up / make a cup of tea if you must, and give this a read, straight from the source:

"A previously unreleased bounty of ’87-’93 bleep techno, trance, ambient, noise and breakbeats by synf boffin Dave Burraston’s cult NYZ project - an unmissable haul for fans of early AFX, Autechre/Lego Feet, FSOL/Humanoid, Mappa Mundi - newly minted on The Death Of Rave.

Following his mind-bending ’SHFTR FRQ’ LP for The Death of Rave in 2018, the award-winning, UK-born and Aussie-based artist/scientist excavates his HD from a golden era when synf and computer music boffins were building the future in bedroom studios, using then early versions of Cubase and Amiga software to establish the templates for decades of rave and electronic dance music to come. However, like a rare, mutant dinosaur skeleton that doesn’t fit historic models, NYZ’s unarchiving of ‘OLD TRX


Awe & Mystery


Normanz Spade