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Cheeky, and very heavyweight steppers business from Geneva's maddest - O.B.F. - tune called 'Akouphene' which translates in English to: Tinnitus!

This one is for the last hour crew, the end of the session where feet go up in the air more than they stay on the ground.

This 12" single, coming from their new Signz LP, features two cuts (Original Mix & Badboy Mix) of this raw stepper from the soundsystem crew that is known to make a dance go very wild, especially over in France & Geneva, but also all over the world, with their huge soundsystem and that energetic, nonstop full-of-life attitude.

Coming with an almost Jump Up DnB style synthline that worms it's way over that steady steppers pattern, this one is a very infectious tune, and by the time you've turned it up a bit, and let that growling bassline do it's thing, we're pretty sure you'll be convinced too.

Still not? Ok, stick on the Badboy Mix then.... Stripped down to the essentials, and with low-passed off-beat kinda perc thing going on that will have you wigging out and shifting shoulders & arms in no time.

By the time we get towards the end of that Badboy Mix, it reminds us of that murderous 2nd cut to the O.B.F. remix of Dubkasm's 'Concrete & Steel' which came out on Peng Sound Records a couple years ago too.
That mad digital fx sound on those hats & snares(?)... He wouldn't tell us what it is when we asked, but it's wild!

Turn this one up very LOUD please!

O.B.F. - Akouphene (Original Mix)

O.B.F. - Akouphene (Badboy Mix)