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Geneva's heaviest soundsystem crew come through with their first LP -

Notorious for their scoops and woofers, OBF are one of Europe's leading soundsystems, delivering their unique brand of heavy digital steppers.

This LP cements this fact, bringing in a heap of artists from across the scene - Charlie P, YT, Mr Williamz, Shanti D, Danman - and a handful of legendary voices from Jamaica: Burro Banton, Mikey General and Lone Ranger for example.

There are a heap of tracks cut to one 12" here, despite this fact, sounding surprisingly loud on a system - and that's exactly where these tracks need to be heard - in the dancehall.

This one sure to get your bones jigglin' and the speakerbox shakin'!

Black sleeve with gold print, shrinkwrapped.

Dub Controller ft. Charlie P
Goin In ft. YT
Ladies Anthem ft. I-Leen
Style And Fashion ft. Lone Ranger
Who's Bad
Babylon ft. Troy Berkley
Poorman Life ft. Mr Williamz
Get High ft. Shanti D
Kaly Weed ft. Danman
Leave It Alone ft. Burro Banton
My Sound A Danger ft. Mikey General

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Clips Side 1

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