• O.G. Jigg -  Dominion Window
  • O.G. Jigg -  Dominion Window

O.G. Jigg - Dominion Window


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Just in time for the midsummer festivities, a still-warm sacrificial offering from multi-instrumentalist Bristol stalwart O. G. Jigg (AKA Will Memotone).

His latest drop is a taut quest with plenty of twists - channelling icy dungeon synth, children's television (think Willo the wisp and other semi-terrifying yet nostalgic psychedelia), neolithic jazz and folk horror.

Every year, before the corn leaps - the villagers gather on the distant plains of Avon for their midsummer.

On this day, they sing of a lone bard with the talent of many - who travelled from temple to tavern to dungeon telling of icy wastelands further afield, undead-infested tombs, child-eating river hags and of times when Sarum stood tall.

As they Serpent dance around the bonfire, they sing his fabled song:

''Where are all his arms?
And, all of his hands?
And, how does he conjure such magical lands?
O. G. Jigg! O. G. Jigg! O. G. Jigg!''

This is his tale...

Includes DL code
Composed by O. G. Jigg
Mastered by Austin Shepherd
Artwork by Hamish Trevis


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