• O.G. Jigg - The Land Dictates the Lay of the Stone

O.G. Jigg - The Land Dictates the Lay of the Stone

Earth Memory Recordings

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Having worked with the likes of D.K., J.Tripp, Wojciech Rusin, FUMU, U, Best Available Technology, Grim Lusk, Mars89 and many more to create two sell-out cassettes as 'O. G. Jigg & Friends', the experimental, neo-medieval O. G. Jigg offer their first solo outing.

Previously exploring early music and more traditional folk arrangements, Jigg has now composed a contemporary suite, albeit one that seems to have slipped back into a more recent past.

Drawing clear influence from post-war classical and the effect it had on soundtrack composition during the 60's and 70's, O. G. Jigg has composed what sounds like the lost OST for a 1970's BBC earth mysteries drama that would have been aired just before children went to bed — early enough to tempt a few, who would have no doubt had to recover from nightmares of spirits rising from stone-circles across rural England.

The music is written for a small orchestral ensemble, often focusing on the woodwind section, using the balance between dissonant and consonant to create an uneasy undertone — even in the sweetest melodic sections.

There are definitely more thematic structures in the music than heard on previous releases — sometimes even through the tropes of the aforementioned 60's & 70's era of television and cinema — but it's never overdone.

The album helps to ease the listener’s mind out of the city and into the landscapes of rolling hills and overgrown and tumbled-down chapels, probing the topographical resonance of stone circles and other prehistoric monuments of the British countryside.

This record marks the first release on Will Yates' new 'Earth Memory Recordings' label. A project focusing on psychogeographical recordings and artists exploring global folklore through the sonic medium. This first album is being released in
partnership with Tokyo-based label Diskotopia, long-time supporters of Will's own music as 'Memotone'. The record has been beautifully mastered by Seance Centre boss, Brandon Hocura.

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