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O$VMV$M - ByCa / did u / CEline

Empty Head Rich Heart

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$VM & VMO$ back on the buttons, this time for the excellent EHRH imprint -

It seems a fitting progression for the two Young Echo brethrens 'Neek' and 'Amos' to be putting out a three track 7" on the now Berlin-based DIY label, seen as the last sighting on Empty Head Rich Heart featured music of fellow Young Echo man them Ossia & chester giles 7" (we just snatched up the very last handful of those by the way, check our site if you still need).

O$VMV$M come forward with pure magic once more, after making a string of testaments to their very unique sound in the form of LP's and cassettes for Idle Hands and NoCorner.
If you haven't indulged in their music just yet, then you are clearly late to the game... But it's ok just do your homework, and work y0ur way backwards, starting with this latest fine three track 7".

Limited to 100.
Artwork designed by $VM 'Neek' Barrett and VMO$ Childs (of Jabu).


did u