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$VM & VMO$ back on Idle Hands -

Most regulars here will probably know that we are going to be biased here, having dealt with these lovely lads on a personal level for some time now, and being absolute fans of their music (that's pure honesty right here)....
But do not take what we say lightly - what we have here is a serious contender for heart&brain melter of the year 2016 (although you'll still be listening in 2017 and coming back for more thereafter).

We hold their cassette debut on NoCorner dearly in our Memoryz (pun intended of course) and we absolutely loved their first LP on local stallion Idle Hands last year, so it sparked some serious delight when the inbox lit up with the promo of this a while ago, and it's been bussin' out of the speakerbox ever since.

This latest collection of always-short-but-always-sweet tracks from Young Echo's very-own Amos 'Jabu' Childs and Sam 'Neek' Barrett floats a similar line to the previous output in terms of their extremely deft, skewed use of pitch and tone and the softly killing application of concise vibes.
Favouring catchy, instantly addictive hooks over lengthy melodic progressions, each of the tracks come at you in such a cool & deadly way, fading right into the brain as the volume creeps up, letting the mind sink right into the midst of their strange, skeletal harmony and letting that momentary bliss reside for a joyful minute or two before it fades back out, ready to skirt into the next cut.

Absolute stunner of an LP, and we really mean it.

Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.
(wicked) artwork by Amos Childs.

A1 Oasis Weir
A2 Backdrop
A3 The Rain
A4 Reverse
A5 Need U
B1 Fists
B2 Eazy
B3 Yung E
B4 Sleep
B5 Somebody

The Rain

Need U