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O$VMV$M - Memoryz Ov U


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NoCorner returns with another proud cassette - this time along presenting the debut release of the newest combination to come out of the Young Echo collective - O$VMVSM.

Musically speaking, each of the artists discography is pretty much at opposite ends, but there is a common thread to be found – Wether it's a background in grime and an incline for 90's rave music, or the raw attitude of Jazz and early Hip Hop mixed with the sensibilities of modern rap – the attitude to creating something entirely different from it's original source remains...

After long days at the Factory and hectic weekends in over-crowded clubs, over the last year or so, the two have been meeting up, splicing tapes, stealing audio from dusty records and films, laboriously cutting and pasting fragments of sound into something utterly unique.
Treated as a selection of snippets and ideas, the tracks remain raw and meaningful without loss of intention through over-produced arrangements.

It is introvert loop-based music, with the ferric quality of the process revealing endless textures throughout it's play, at times weightless and elevating, before sinking right back into the deepest of depths, unveiling the distant remnants of what's left to reside on the reels.

Hi-Grade tape-business, this couldn't be on a better format. We can't get enough of it!

Limited to 150.
Orange cassettes, with black A-side print.
Fold-out inlay designed by Amos Childs and Sam Barrett.
Tracklist insert printed on vellum paper.

Clips Side A

Clips Side B