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Idle Hands

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Keeping it Bristol -

Idle Hands tap into the soaked & drenched, combined vibe$ of $VM 'Neek' Barrett and VMO$ Childs.

The latest output from Young Echo's 'O$VMV$M' comes in the form of an 8 track 12", a quick and much wanted follow-up from the 28min sonic bricolage that their 'Memoryz Ov U' cassette offered us earlier this year.

As those who have delved into the depths of the NoCorner cassette will be able to testify, O$VMV$M offer an undeniably honest and truthfully deep sound with a palette that is not easily definable, yet somehow reveals shimmers of familiarity through the curtains of hiss and down-pitched frequency... Described to us 'like the memory that stays in your head after a particularly heady night in front of  a super smoked out soundsystem' the resulting music comes shrouded with equal amounts of hip hop, grime, hardcore & other obscurities, creating something far stranger, yet somehow much more up-close and intimate.

Basically, you need to dim them lights, or even better - turn them off.
Then you notch up that EQ, turn up the amplifier, position your headphones - do whatever it takes to up the levels of sound in your head...
The rest will follow.

Just do it.

Mastered by Lewis at Stardelta.
Artwork by Sam Barrett and Amos Childs, layout designed by Set Square.

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