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O$VMV$M - Phase 4 / Witch Linen

Idle Hands

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Young Echo's O$VMV$M - aka Amos 'Jabu' Childs & Sam 'Neek' Barret - going in full charge heavyweight ambient stepper mode for this killer 10" for Bristol's Idle Hands.

So good to see this one coming out. O$VMV$M's first two track slab of wax, following on from several years of short-but-sweet album material for NoCorner, Idle Hands and of course the production credits for Manonmars two recent albums on Young Echo Records.

For this 10", O$ have now given us two cool & deadly, lean & fully murderous stretched tracks with longer timings, giving us a pair of meditative, deep, dubbed out steppers grinds that sound like the hazy memory after a zooted up soundsystem session and lots of guinness. But even in their 5/6min structures, both Phase 4 and it's growling bass and tape-saturated chords, and 'Witch Linen' with it's dub-techno step, still manage to capture signature, bittersweet off-kilter magic and showcases their very own way of creating deceptively simple, highly infectious melodies and skewing samples to deadly effect (yo, did we hear Big Narstie in this B side, or are we tripping?!)

Hard to pick a favourite here... Both sides are cold.

In case you've been sleeping on that O$VMV$M sound. Consider this your alarm.

Phase 4

Witch Linen