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O$VMV$M - Wat Mor / Naked / TY / House SFX

Cold Light Music

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The big, bad O$VMV$M at the controls once more!

The Young Echo duo comprised of $VM 'Neek' Barrett and VMO$ Childs (aka one third of Jabu) is back at it again, with another primo selection of cuts from their smoked out tea house just on the other side of the river.
This one comes cut on a 10", with a stunner of a sleeve design by A and Sam -
inaugurating the newly minted label from Bristol's Gus & Dean aka Withdrawn: Cold Light Music.

It's a very special four track 10" this... Kicking off with 'Wat More' the short & slurry vocal ballad for syrup sippers, through proper dream-sequence harp & choral passage 'Naked', and the rainy good-bye's of 'TY' ... "See ya!"
Not before we delve into that final gem though: 'House SFX' is a real tear-jerker, letting a toy-synth melody switch & sway over watery down-pitched ambience with a real delicate ease that might even make your eyes sweat. The unofficial follow up to VMO$ & Boofy's amazing 'May' tune, if you ask us.

Absolute gem of a record, and a great sign of things to come on the label -
we have first few copies going out to the world >>

Limited edition of 275 - mastered & cut by Lewis at Stardelta.
stamped, numbered and housed in polysleeve with insert design by O$VMV$M.

Wat Mor



House SFX