• O Yuki Conjugate - Into Dark Water

O Yuki Conjugate - Into Dark Water

Emotional Rescue

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ATTENTION fans of Coil, Rapoon, Jon Hassel, Steve Roach, Soviet France, Muslimgauze etc; huge new/old soundworlds await you >>>>>

If you've never heard of O Yuki, grab your passport. For us they're the peak of the (sometimes dubious) tribal ambient mountain amassed in the 80s and 90s. Conjuring imaginary rainforests, trudging through the heart of darkness with tongue drums, mbira, flutes, samples, baking trays and cardboard boxes (all recorded in a garage in Nottingham).

O Yuki's music is shot with a dark fascination in a world we destroyed; this is not the happy happy 'world music' narrative sold with Womad bottled water. 
Inside repetitive grooves reach a trance-like state over ebbing dark synths, pounding drums giving way to storms blowing over flutes and Eno-esque piano beauty.
Into Dark Water is psychoactive, pagan trip music; fuel for dark acid after-parties and solo psychonauts breaking free from Western bullshit. There's a hugely rewarding, spiritual inner world mapped out in the grooves off this record. Put your phone in the bin and listen patiently.

Now in print for the first time in 30 years via Emotional Rescue, the same label that reminded us of that Mouth 12", for example.


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