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Oddgrad - Hardcore Plastic Surgery

Haunter Records

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Under the knife -

Turin-based producer 'Oddgrad' edges in on Italy's murky 'Haunter Records' imprint with the 'Hardcore Plastic Surgery' cassette.

Perhaps intended as a sonic assault on ill-faited vanity and extreme appearance, this fittingly abrasive neon pink cassette houses two pieces from Oddgrad on one side, backed with three re-shaped and customised re-fixes from label affiliates 'Heith', 'Haf Haf', and 'III'.

There is definitely a propulsive theme going on here, with each of the tracks venting some sort of inner steam, like the inner demons of self-consciousness rearing their ugly heads through elasticated skin and thick layers of sweaty make-up, like a reflective ride through the darkest corners of modern society's self loathing angst and depression in the struggle to fit-in or stand-out.

From HPS1 to HPS2, through to their bone-faced, deformed remixes, the industrial strength drones, muffled voices and electric staccatos could easily be interpreted as the sound of pain-inducing stilettos crushing through inner-city concrete, weighed down by an oversized hand-bag, tipped off-balance by a refashioned nose, blown-up balloons and redacted bingo wings, with all the dread of everyone watching.

Aesthetic and social commentary aside, this is a f*cking fantastic tape, loaded with tripped out rhythms and proper underground sonics, with an extremely powerful visual presentation.

Oddgrad – HPS1
Oddgrad – HPS2
Side B:
HPS – Heith Mix
HPS – Haf Haf Mix


HPS (Heith Mix)

HPS (Haf Haf Mix)