• OJOO GYAL - Untitled
  • OJOO GYAL - Untitled
  • OJOO GYAL - Untitled

OJOO GYAL - Untitled


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None other than Morocco's (now Belgium-based) Ojoo Gyal at the controls for the latest mix on cassette, served up in tape-only edition via the excellent Chrome label, operated by London selector Felix Hall, sent to us in the post along with the latest release from MOBBS, also on tape.

Ojoo seems to have been fast making a name for herself 'in the scene' (excuse the language), and rightly so - her (always, always top) selections and knack for bringing vast styles, bpms and sounds under one hood, is really quite special and, to our ears, makes her stand out from the crowd. Here on this mix Ojoo flexes her dancehall muscle, but it's not a show-off of purist collections, she manages to make things that weren't really dancehall, sound like it was - somehow. And then she'll pepper it with some properly obscure stuff for extra headspin value - yet the energy never dips. And that's what makes the mix so special - it's one cohesive, yet shapeshifting vibe guided by that slowly pulsing, hip-moving rhythm. Whether it's a scuzzed out Muslimgauze dub shard, a forgotten 90's dancehall B side, or some obscure SoundCloud gem that you wouldn't ever find if she didn't seek it out for you - Ojoo got the selections, and this mix shows why once again.

Nice to see Ojoo grace the label that appreciates the Now Thing series as much as we all do - I guess that could be the link here. A love for timeless, and banging weirdo stuff, the kind of stuff that'll sound great 20 years later too - same goes for this mix. It's one you'll want to keep, and listen back to in years to come - no doubt some of it will still sound properly futuristic many moons from now.

100% Certified GOOD SH*T.

Edition of 80 tapes.
We got a couple handfuls...